Forgot to give this a title.

Stayed up way too late to have a drink and watch Inception. Really enjoyed it. Not as many jokes as I hoped for came out of it. All in all, decent evening. Giving this “write every day” thing a try, just to get the crap out of the way for the good stuff to flow. Not sure what I’m writing for the but the better I get the more I can use it I’m sure. Gotta work on the 6 year plan some more, for real, especially next week when I’m not working. Finally over the the fact that no one cares and I don’t care what this is, even if others do read it.


I’m out. Done. *chugs last bit of beer* First bathroom. Then I’m done.


P.S. The music at the end of the Inception credits are trying very deliberately to frak with you.


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