Inception live tweet, rough draft

Inception live tweet, rough draft

I’m trying this again, posting of the rough draft of my live tweet, the difference is this time I actually posted live while I watched, just not everything I write this time. Not much that I wrote made it live, either because I didn’t think it was funny enough or it just didn’t feelmm, km,Mk ,m ,,..? appropriate. I also left in my uncompleted thoughts. This way I can hopefully track where each line was coming from and Garth better at condensing my thoughts into easily communicable tweets.

Arthur was once a teenaged alien scientist.

Painful things to watch: Dicaprio on a phone call.

BUSTED! #PointBreakEnding

You must be dreaming if you think all of your mistakes result in the death of other people.

This movie kinda hinders my brain’s ability to be funny.

Made up rules that make sense.

If I could actually dream like that I’d never wake-up. The movie title means inspiration to do something unhealthy.

Fantasy stabbing in 3…2…1…

“Cobb you’re a giant asshole!” -Every character so far.

Can Cobb make a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises as a supervillain associate of Bane?

These are pretty well-educated criminals.

Alley sequence approaching, preparing for mind to be blown.

Alley sequence completed. Still clueless.

I think the building with the penrose steps was used in the first episode of BBC’s Jekyll & Hyde.

Yusef’s introduction scene could have been right out of “Indiana Jones and the Mystical Dream Walker”

“Abuse of a Controlled Substance.” Crimes on Film

“Maurice Fisher is a giant asshole!” -Every person in that room

Ariadne said “He’s out of his mind and I’m not letting him in mine,” AND NOBODY STOPPED TO CONSIDER IT!?

We can do anything we want! As long as the rich guy is on our team anyway.

Ariadne loses all credibility when she enters his mind on purpose.

Control of your dreams is brain masturbation. Leave it to people to use an amazing new technology to pleasure themselves.

“Ariadne is a crafty little mutant.” -Me, just now

SPOILER (Maybe?) If Cobb is actually dreaming and “Fake-Mal” is actually a real-person, she’s crazier than he is.

I think this movie was actually made by Republicans. I’ll explain later.

Shootout with The Subconscious #ThisMovieAsAWestern #Inception

It’s ok to kill those guys, they’re not really real. #MagicParachute

Gibberish explanation equals movie science.

Everyone thank Dom for screwing it up for EVERYBODY! Audience*

Is this guy’s worst nightmare really the best way to start this heist?

What was the significance of that, I wonder? -Everyone, the whole movie

Marion Cotillard has the world’s most perfect boobs.

“That poor woman just jumped off a building Jess and I don’t know what is going on.” -My Grandmother

“Jesser when you said we were watching a movie about dreams, we expected a cartoon, son.” -My Granddad

Watched this movie 4 times now, what is the significance of the “safe numbers”?

Gonna finish my birthday cake while I finish this effed up movie.

Eames looks just a bit TOO excited to get to play a woman in this dream.

That woman actually looks like a Barbie. And not in the good way

Fisher’s subconcious is definitely from LA. The building starts to shake and no one reacts. “It was just a 1.5, we’re good.”

It’s a good thing I can’t smell movies right about now. What? *shrug*

Suddenly dream thievery is a normal practice? “I can blow up this hotel safely. Because, I do it all the time IN MY SLEEP!” 

Those two guys are flirting? Is that what Arthur and Eames are doing?

Yusef is a ninja too, I guess?

I really don’t like that Arthur felt the need to say “Paradox” at that moment. #UnnecessaryExplanation

We programmed a second warning into our plan*

“Just do your job Eames. Gawd!” -Cobb

Joseph Gordon Levitt moved like a frakking dolphin in that weightless fight scene!

Haven’t you ever considered the consequences of your actions! Dom, those people you’re killing could be important brain cells! We don’t know!

That is a very nice looking elevator.

Why does defibrillating Fisher work? I’m sorry, stupid question. *

Am I imagining that the scene music is slower the deeper you go?

That final dream scenario looks a great deal like a videogame to me. Wait, that might have been the point.

Wait, was the *

How is *

I think I may have scrambled my brain on this one.

Cobb, you’re telling us this now? Something that could have been brought to our attention YESTERDAY! #RipOff

Wait, Mal willingly forgot that reality *

Mal forgot on purpose and Cobb could’t accept it so he told her she *


That’s right cobb, make fun of the homicidal monster lady.

“I was disappointed you tried,” is a pretty doggone good line.

He can’t still be asleep. If he is, the people trying to wake him up really suck at their jobs.

Saito is actually a pretty frakking smart guy.

Wait, did Saito do that on purpose?

It was Dom’s subconcious that *

His dad (Michael Caine) being there at the end never made sense to me. That’s my proof he’s still asleep. #IgnorantlyBoldStatement

Are we sure this isn’t the Dark Knight music?

*Uncompleted thoughts that I left for the purpose of seeing more of my creative process. It’s still writing even if it went nowhere.


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