Six Years Revealed

I mention on Twitter pretty frequently my “six-year plan” but deliberately keep details to a minimum. The truth is while I have a final goal in mind and I talk of the various phases of the Plan, I’m still not entirely clear on the details of each phase myself. I’m not even sure of the number of our importance of the phases themselves. The planning phase, which I claim is done, is probably as far from being done as a plan could be. Until this blog, I haven’t even committed much to paper (metaphorically speaking). (Also, going to apologize up front for the overly wordy and explanatory nature of my writing but I fear the lack of detail leads to confusion so I offer as many as I can).

The first phase post-planning was too create an awareness of who I am and what my intent is, through some kind of branding. This rather accidentally coincided with a Twitter presence I was already building simply for fun, but an old idea from my high school days of selling t-shirts with my name and goofy phrases on them also coincidentally buttressed quite well with the idea. The problem I find is that I don’t have the slightest idea how to create an inventory to sell and I lack the confidence that a clothing with my name on it, no matter how funny the goofy phrase might be, would speak to anyone, even my friends both on and offline.

Phase two would have involved taking my brand to the next level with some kind of media, either a podcast or YouTube channel where I basically continue to do the same thing I’m already doing, but hopefully sell some advertising along the way. At each level of the six-year plan, a percentage of the income I earned would be stocked away for the final phase.

The plan falls apart at this phase because along the way I hope to collect a few like-minded individuals who shared my vision and enthusiasm. I have already identified a few and gotten their support but without a truly epic plan to foretell future success, I fear no moral support will equal the special talents I require from each individual.

So I sit here, blogging when I should be working, trying to figure out how best to start that T-shirt idea and wondering if a well-formed plan in my head is sufficient to get started.


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