Live Tweet “Predators”

Live Tweet “Predators”

First order of business after waking up in freefall: change my shorts. -Adrien Brody #AmazingColdOpen

Politeness is the key to solving problems, when you have a fully automatic .12 gauge.

Women who know to handle sniper rifles are INCREDIBLY sexy.

Upside down, red-faced Topher Grace. A doctor? *

Racist, sexist pigs are everywhere, even in strange jungles, apparently.

Somebody Always goes to the plot of “Lost” as an explanation. Always.

When did I put in “The Village”?

Please let that plant kill somebody!

Yea! Jungle buddies! -Topher Grace

Hell yeah I want to see something fucked up, that’s why I’m watching this movie!

Please welcome the cast of Survivor: Space Edition!

Scary machinery in a strange jungle… LET’S TOUCH IT!

Scary box in a strange jungle… LET’S TOUCH IT! #Oops

Pungey Pit = pungey shit.

I think that guy was wearing my unit patch. Freaky!

Everyone’s thinking it, no one is saying it: FUCK THIS GAME I QUIT!

…four other planets in the sky? Shoot me now.

Dude, you’re a psychopath and murderer! Go away.

Empty Shot of the jungle? No there’s something there, run beaches!

Good luck knife boy!

Shenanigans! Not with a swipe like that, no way he cut that thing’s had off.

Let’s eat alien lizard for dinner!

Where’s Ice Cube? #ObscureMovieReference

You can always count on Topher for the colorful commentary.

Aww c’mon, you don’t leave the unarmed guy exposed in the rear. #ArmyComplaint

Nobody took notice of the bizarre skull they all stepped over?

Oh well if that was hanging there I wouldn’t notice just another bone either. #Yikes

Yeah, keep shooting your pistol mafia dude, that’ll help.

More shenanigans. Ever rolled down a hill in the woods safely? Yeah, no.

Man I really hate space ninjas.

Nice right hook for a girl.

More conspiracy fodder for the AVP franchise! #TrollBait

Eric Foreman IN SPACE. #That70sPredator

How fast can you run, Skinny Boy?!

“FUCK. ALL OF YOU!” Actual film quote. #WinnerBestJokeOfTheMovie

When did I put in The Matrix?

That helmet CANNOT smell good on the inside.

So that’s What happened to Morpheus when he died! (Sooooo weak! Pitiful, Jesse, pitiful.)

Welcome to my SECRET LAIR! #CowboyBob #TaintedChildhoodMemories

Fishburne is channeling Brando! #FilmNerd

I love it when the crazies act like everyone else is weird. #AmericanPolitics

How do you make everyone MORE uncomfortable on an alien planet? Drop the incest bomb.

If anyone falls in love, I’m never seeing another Rodriguez film, ever.

Doctor…predator…Topher’s probably messed up worse than any of them.

As my 7th grade English/Literature used to say, “Foreshadowing.”

Aww, don’t kill the only guy I identify with. #DeadNerd

Jungle buddy to the rescue!

Best use of a Claymore, EVER!

Shanked like a prison punk!

Cue Asian, stereotype music.

There can be only one!

Am I watching the intro to Street Fighter 4?*

Was I just watching the Intro to Street Fighter 4?

There it is, the moral of the story: mankind is a bunch of frakkers.

Lied about having kids, hmm…

“We meet again, Brother.” -Little Predator (It needed to be said.)

Oh, man I had no idea those things could get any uglier.

Murderer! He’s got to be, Topher, that is.

HA! Serial killer! I freaking called it!

Self-destruct? Did not see that one coming, though.

…sooooo who was flying ship?

(This is great! I can just write during movies instead of talk! Why hadn’t I thought of this before?)

How does that concussion concussion feel you alien piece of shit?!

Clever use of mud there, Governor…oh wait?

Sniper 4: This Girl is Good!

Activate your nuke without an arm now! -Royce

Has anyone ever figured out why Predator blood glows? Like, realistically?

What an overly dramatic, tease of an ending!

The next film better be a real, out there kind of sci-fi flick.

Ha, “Classic Predator”. Even more AVP fodder. #TrollBait

Ooh, Ubisoft did the special effects? Way to out source, Hollywood. #VideogameComplaint

Yep, watching this one with the commentary on tomorrow night.

Once again, please leave feedback if you’re inclined to do so. Thanks for reading.

*Unfinished or incomplete thought


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