Live tweet Tron Legacy

Why does this soundtrack always sound so awesome?!

Who is this DOUCHEBAG who so clearly loves Dillinger?

Young Dillinger is clearly up to something. #TronLegacy

Next day’s headline: “Sam Flynn Base-Jumping Tragedy” The rest of the film was a dream!

“He’s either dead or chilling in Costa Rica. Probably both. I’m tired, I smell like jail…” #AwfulDialogue

Journey on the jukebox = awesome!

I’ve played Tron, the original arcade game, pretty recently. Does NOT hold up.

First 3D shot of a reclaimer made me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

You call yourself a daredevil, Sam? Freak the sinking street and JUMP!

Is that Kumail Nanjiani freaking out on that reclaimer?
Yes, Sam, you’re dad did it. Quit ruminating and figure out how to get frak out of here!

Quit ogling the toy women Sam.

I really want that plastic jumpsuit. *

I really want that plastic jumpsuit, complete with identity/battle Frisbee. #IfClothesWereAlsoToys

PS, don’t lose your identity/battle Frisbee, by, y’know throwing it or anything. Wait…

“He’s different?” you say. The human genitals three programs probably don’t, and shouldn’t, have didn’t give it away?

I’m totally in love with the nice toy woman that told Sam to survive. #ThingsIShouldntTweet

The nerdy kid dialogue that Sam’s got throughout this movie is fantastic.

I can’t stop talking about this soundtrack!

Bruce Boxleitner has the coolest voice!

Something about the CG mouth on young Jeff Bridges is just wrong. Otherwise it’s quite impressive.

Yeeeee-oozer! #AceVenturaIsClu

Sam just had a virtual orgasm over a light cycle.

It’s kinda hard to not look ridiculous in those body suits.

Nobody likes a smart ass computer, Kora.

Sooooo apparently the blank part of my hard drive looks like a dusty mountain range?

Hey, when did I put in The Big Lebowski?

Little too much eye liner, Sam.

I have no idea what Kevin is saying most of the time in this film.

Even computer programs can be flamboyant!

For an advanced computer program, is funny that Clu is mystified by a pillow.

What do computer programs drunk to get drunk?

It’s probably a good thing that Kevin is a genius, if user a virtual playground for all the wrong things.

The Christ metaphor in Sam it’s so heavy-handed after multiple viewings.

The Disney “message” gets pretty heavy-handed in the third act too.

The use of computer jargon didn’t always work, the logic is wonky too.

You know you’re a nerd and a romantic when acts of heroism from PROGRAMS still makes you tear up.

TED talks, On the Grid.

The use of dialogue from the original was brilliant and rarely seemed forced.

Sam walks like a tool though.

The toady from The Cape was a good wimp. *

The toady from The Cape was a good wiener.

Let’s hope you’re a good at videogames as your dad was, Sammy!

Why would a light jet flame out?

Why would a computer gun jam?

Why would a light jet need flaps?

Why do mountains float?


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