Prometheus Observations in Tweet Form

Charlize Theron saying “you cut me off” is unnecessary and bad filmmaking. #UnnecessarySpokenDialogue #PrometheusLiveTweet

Truly, this movie is better in 3D on my couch.

Why did the captain get out of the freakin’ ship?! #GenuinelyStupidDecision

Why is alien rubber always disgusting, wet and squishy?

Oh I get it! David has a soul and Vickers doesn’t! #ImDumb #MassiveSpoiler

Not much hotter than Charlize Theron with a flamethrower.

Is this how the seed stuff in the beginning affects humans or was that bio weapon?

This was a really unnecessary closeup of Shaw.

Noomi is no Sigourney.

The squid baby would probably convince my wife to never watch another movie I pick out ever again.
If that didn’t, Zombie Fifield would.

Zombie Fifield also doesn’t make any sense by the way. Just sayin’.

How did she run so freaking fast after an abdominal surgery you ask? Rewatch the film, she was mighty freaking high.

I would like to point out that even eighty years from now space travel wont be this dramatic, not ever.

Ideas Elba. Damn. #NothingMore #ReusedTweet *wink*

Not sure what a gentle nuzzle of the hand was supposed to mean.

I truly don’t believe that level of misogyny will exist in the future. I’m probably sadly, horribly wrong.

The ship’s crew just saw the science team get executed by an alien and the bridge is completely calm?!

If being thrown to the ground by the exhaust of a SPACESHIP TAKING OFF doesn’t break the helmet, a human zombie fist wouldn’t.

The entire shot of the spacecraft crashing, from Idris Elba yelling “Hands up!” to when Shaw wakes up magically still alive, was probably the scariest thing I can possibly think of. #Prometheus3DRewatch †

That is a ridiculous axe for a spaceship.

Why is it spaceship and not spaceplane or space*

How is David still on the floor after that crash?

If it wasnt either of those two previous things, giant facehugger in all of it graphic, hi-def, face-raping, terror would tell my wife I’m never to be trusted with movie night again.

They were so afraid of humans reaching the stars they created a weapon that killed themselves. Does that not terrify you?

I wish somebody had stopped Fox from including the xenomorph.

I think I may re-edit this movie.

*Unfinished thought

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