Pacific Rim

My latest Drunk Live Tweet. I tried to keep the tweets that made it to Twitter as spoiler free as I could. I think I did a pretty good job. Without further ado:


Oh, thanks for that definition from Japan.




Has it occurred to anyone that these things are just poor frightened animals? Have we tried going into the damn fissure?


Seeing this, I can only imagine what the Halo movie is finally going to look like.


You know what you tell a a Jaeger Pilot? Not much. #OldJoke #PacificRim


So what you’re telling me is, the world came together to build something THIS AWESOME! Isn’t that be motivation enough? #PacificRim


Eat plasma you freakin’ dinosaur!


Eat plasma you Power Ranger Villain reject. #PacificRim


Old tin robot. Cute.


Canada’s always gotta have the last word. #PacificRim


How do alien animals from another dimension adapt to being punched in the face? #PacificRim


I wish today’s military would let me grow a mustache like Idris Elba’s.


Idris Elba. Damn. #NuffSaid


You have got to be kidding me Charlie Day AND Burn Gorman?!


Charlie’s five o’clock shadow looks really good in 3D.


American bulldog in 3D. Nice #PacificRim


I want to mind meld with a giant alien monster animal.


Kaiju brain trying to communicate is probably the scariest thing I can think of right now.


Clifton Collins Jr. is one of the most underrated actor in Hollywood.


That’s pretty sexy looking hair for “rugged and unkempt.” #PacificRim


Fighter pilots are the same everywhere.


those are some nicely spit-shined black boots. I wish we still used black boots in the Army.


Marshall you’re a dick!


Wait a minute, something isn’t right here.


Human/kaiju drift. #Barf


Yep. Something really isn’t right.


Idris Elba for Doctor Who. Seriously.


So if I can see the sexual tension, what must that feel like when you enter each other’s brains? #PacificRim


God dammit, I love Charlie Day. This is his most amazing and impressive role ever. #PacificRim


Baby Mako looks so much like my niece it’s scary.


This is what the opposite of a good trial run looks like.


Hmm… you think that boat with the giant fuck-off horns has something bad going on inside it?


Ron. Fucking. Perlman. In gold boots with a golden balisong.


Hey, when did I turn on Top Gun? #PacificRim


Dude, Marshall Pentecost just told you, TWICE, don’t touch him. I had a platoon sergeant like that once.


Everybody stare at the dude who just fucked up. Like he isn’t already self-conscious about it. #PacificRim


I love how stereotypical the russians are.


I really love the way they gave us tons of giant robots, but didn’t overdo it.


Crimson Typhoon is fighting Godzilla from the Roland Emmerich piece of crap. Symbolic? I think so. #Pacific Rim


That thing just farted a damn EMP!


Oh, snap, your redheaded step-child just became useful. #PacificRim


ron Perlman was just channeling Jos Piscopo in Johnny Dangerously! #PacificRim


Let us fight about nicknames we don’t like during a life and death scenario, shall we?!


Oh suddenly douchebag has respect for the has-been?

Holy shit, Gipsy Danger has Mega Man’s Mega Arm?! #PacificRim


Wicked tongue!




Why wasn’t there a videogame for this film?


Wait a flying-monster punching minute! Bat wings? Sword? Japanese kill quote? I love Guillermo and I hate Hollywood.


Is there a medal for bisecting a kaiji in mid-air? An achievement? Something?


Hey, when did I turn on Evolution? #PacificRim


Why is the spit pink?


Nice jump scare Guillermo.


That shot in the mirror is trippy in 3D.


Burn Gorman needs to make a guest spot on “Sunny.” What an amazing thing that would be! #PacificRim


This is some of the most beautiful CG I have ever seen. I need more!!!


GlaDOS is the voice of the Jaegers. Well done Legendary, well done. #PacificRim


That’s 2 kaiju bisections in 1 day. that’s very unlikely, but buh-dass as all hell.


Oh now you want to take orders. You stupid, honorable sonuvabitch.


Chivalry isn’t dead after all.


You ever seen a nuclear detonation beneath the ocean? Ya want to?




Don’t you understand, movies that involve war of any kind have to follow Murphy’s Law. #PacificRim


Can you swim in a plastic suit of armor?


Buying the soundtrack. #PacificRim