These are the times to remember…

It is with great happiness I declare that my second child, my first daughter, arrived safely Friday morning at 8:07. As a result, I spent the next couple of days in the hospital with my dear wife as she recovered and did some bonding with my new little gamer. As a result, I do not have an episode prepared for today. If you’re reading this it means at the very least that you have an RSS reader that added this to your feed or that you follow my blog on WordPress. I know I’m prone to missing weeks at a time, however I feel that at least acknowledging the absence of content is forgivable as I do have multiple episodes in the works, a solo episode, with featured guests, on emergent gameplay and how we can learn from games, as well as an upcoming duo with Jason on Mass Effect which ought to be a really deep, but also a very silly episode.

Thanks to everyone who listens, follows, etc… and as always feel free to contact myself, Jason or the show on our various correspondence methods.