Fanboy grows up! Call me a “fan…man?”

Though the desire still remains, I no longer collect and read comic books. While my membership to various geek publications and websites are current, I don’t stalk them hourly for info on the fictional characters and worlds I love. My interest never waned even though the time and effort that I have to devote certainly did. When I haven’t got other more important things to occupy my time, I’ll revisit those people and places but when I see them now it’s through the lens of adulthood, of fatherhood.

These new perspectives lead me to questions that I can’t easily answer, to discussions that I want to have but with no one to share, ideas to share without an audience to listen. At the same time in my personal life I am at a crossroads. Taking care of my family will always be my number one priority but I’ve learned so much more than I ever would have guessed I could in just a few short years. So with that in mind, I can see that this crossroads may also be the perfect opportunity to finally do some things that I’ve always wanted to do and take care of my family at the same time.

Of course I also have this blog. The internet is a wonderful thing and I truly believe we’re on the edge of something big, something great because of it. So, now is the time and this is the place. I’m not going to be a part of the future if I don’t start participating in the present. Maybe no one has any interest in anything I have to say, but at least I’ll be writing and the more I write the better the chance that I’ll have written something else worth reading. The opposite could also be true and by writing more and more here I may have more opportunities in the future. Or maybe neither happens and I continue to take care of my family the same way I am now, but I’ll be writing here and I’ll be happier for it.

My first attempt at a podcast was at least a good learning experience. I may not do another one but at the very least it helped me find my creative voice. Regardless, expect to see more in this space and more expect to see it more often. Expect to see more of my thoughts and ideas about fanboyish things and my new, more mature perspective on them. You can expect to see more creative endeavors from me in the future as well, because this is me turning over a new leaf.

Today marks the day that the fanboy became: THE FAN MAN!