Fanman Mission Statement

I am just guy; a normal dude.  I grew up in the midwest in the middle of farm country, not really a farmer.  I went to church; I went to high school and barely made it out alive.  I tried college, no good.  I joined the Army Reserves.  I should have gone active duty, you live and learn.  I deployed once to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba but that’s a story for another time.  I bounced around from mid-level commercial job to job until I met the woman of my dreams and convinced her with my all of the nerdy lady-killing skills I have to marry me.  We have so much in common and so much uncommon but she gets me and I worship her.  Then I lost the best civilian job I ever had because I failed to grow up and so finally went full time active duty Army as a recruiter, where I am still employed today, for now.

I have an awesome little fanboy in the making and a beautiful little baby girl who loves Little Einsteins and I think really likes Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  I’m in my early thirties and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.  I have stories to tell but I don’t like taking the time to actually write them; I would prefer to write editorials.  I don’t care if anyone reads them, I write them for me.  Recently I realized that I troll Facebook and end up leaving lengthy comments because I have lengthy opinions.  I’ve decided that I will keep my lengthy opinions off of Facebook and people’s walls because, number one:  nobody wants to read that shit on Facebook anyway; and  number 2:  I’m wasting my time.

I already have this blog so if I have an opinion to share why don’t I simply put it here?  I already have a YouTube channel too.  I don’t have many subscribers but it doesn’t matter; I’ve never put up any content that was worth watching except my one attempt at stand-up comedy.  [Ed. Link provided below if you want to see it.]

Between my upbringing and my Army training I try to live my life today by a very particular code.  Legally I’ve been considered an adult for over 15 years and yet I’m still astonished day-to-day how rarely some of us actually act like it.  I would have thought in the Army it would be different, where being responsible and accountable for your actions is one of the very first lessons you’re taught, but no.  My experience with the Army has been that some units function closer in fashion to Communist nations than any kind of efficiently functioning and productive organization.  However, my experience in the civilian world would be nearly identical.

So I’m not going to put out any specific plan of action I intend to undertake or any philosophy I want to spread to change the world or make things better.  I’m simply going to propose one thing:  I am going to act and speak like an adult and I would expect everyone who reads this blog to do so as well.  By “adult” I mean compose yourself in a mature and reasonable manner and speak to myself and others in kind.

I am a normal man whose life experiences have shaped my perspective on the world around me.  The opinions that I share just that:  my opinions, formed as they are by my life experiences.  Depending on who you ask, you may or may not be able to consider me an expert on any of this stuff I will write about here, but I certainly will not ever claim expertise.  Therefore it can be understood that I know what I know and my opinions are based on that.  I will not make declarations nor do I expect anyone to just automatically agree with me.  I am happy to engage anyone in a calm and reasonable conversation on any topic; the basic requirement is that it remain civil.  I will not tolerate nastiness, hatred, vitriol and/or hypocrisy.  That means no unnecessarily critical, hate-filled comments: either you liked it or you didn’t. If your criticism isn’t constructive please keep it to yourself.  It also means if you said or asserted something and then later try to insist that you did not, I’m going to call you out.  I refuse to get into a fight with anyone and I would appreciate that you do not come here to pick one with me.  If you made a comment to which I respond and you feel that I have misinterpreted something you said then by all means correct me but if you cannot remain mature or pleasant then we have nothing more to say to one another.  Like other and far more famous pop-culture personalities have said before me, in particular The Nerdist himself Chris Hardwick and his friend, TV star Wil Wheaton, “Dont’ be a dick.”

Don’t be a dick! I’m simply taking it one step further.  You and I can have a discussion or an argument and never find common ground but there is absolutely no reason for anyone to engage in nastiness.  I will keep lines of communication open for the discussion of anything but the moment one cannot show that one is not capable of behaving like an adult, the discussion will cease.  I am sick and tired of self-proclaimed adults acting like children and then acting as though everyone else is the problem.  When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult and be able to have an honest conversation with someone and tell them exactly what I think and have that person say, “I’m sorry you feel that way.  This is what I think.”

Maybe he could change my opinion, maybe not.  Maybe I could change his, maybe not.  Maybe we agree to disagree and still part ways amicably, hopefully as friends, and neither had to bring the other’s person or integrity into question.  You know what you know and think what you think; I know what I know and think what I think, and that’s ok!  We all want to be treated like adults but first we have to start acting like adults.  The world be such a better place if we did.

Finally, if you like anything that I post, if you like this particular blog entry, feel free to give me a like, an up-vote, a share, a tweet, a subscribe; anyway you can your support would be greatly appreciated but maybe if this message reaches enough people we could make a difference.  For me, all I want to do is put my creative shit out there without being worried that someone’s going to heap unnecessary hate on me for it.  If you don’t like me or my content, don’t consume it but please don’t waste your time and mine by leaving a horrible comment.  The internet’s given me a voice and so I’m going to use it because I like to talk.

My Stand-Up Video


One thought on “Fanman Mission Statement

  1. Good, honest, intelligent thoughts, buddy. Of course, you left out the part where you occasionally moonlight as a Jedi Ace Extraordinaire and fly the fastest A-Wing in the galaxy! Lol

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