Prometheus live tweet, draft

Has anyone actually considered the potential reality of two years of sleep? Two years worth of drug-induced dreams!? How might that fuck you up?!

This movie has everything! Mouth rape, medical horror, intrigue, zombies! Why isn’t it a perfect movie? #Prometheus

I like that the medical table explains why it can’t comply, not calibrated for female.

“The engineers unleashed dark, dark magic. [Pause for dramatic effect] It turned on them.” -Idris Elba #Prometheus

If a man that misogynist can still exist 100 years from now we suck as a species. #Prometheus

“We’re on a boat.” -Michael Fassbinder #Prometheus

I’m glad the robot doesn’t have to worry about the old spit on that flute. #Prometheus

The great anteater was the totem for the last living engineer and his tribe. It showed in their insect like weapons. #Prometheus

A boat just fell out of the sky and was moving so fast the last thought you registered was when it was still 10,000 feet n the air.

The super advanced robot moves an awful lot like C-3PO.

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